Having your logo or design screen printed onto apparel helps to make your company or cause more visible.


What is screen printing?

Simply put, screen printing in the process of separating your artwork into composite colors for creating a film positive transparency. For each color that your design has, an individual film positive must be created. After the film positives are created, your design is then imposed onto a silk screen, using a method call burning. The screen is first coated with an impermeable substance whick allows plastisol or non plastisol ink to be forced through the silk mesh and transferred onto printable fabrics.
The printed garment is then heat cured and is is ready to use. Screenprinting creates a high quality print that can withstand years of washing and wear.


Screen Life Printing is the right choice for you.

With our quantity pricing and large selection of apparel, custom imprinting is a great choice for your company, school, organization, or event.


Screen Life Printing offers the finest garment brands on the market -- Next Level,Outer Banks, American Apparel, Anvil, Hanes, Gildan and more.

Screen Life Printing pricing ensures you'll receive competitive pricing for all of your printing needs.


Prices are based on: Check Prices

The number of colors (up to 4, for light colored garments).
The number of print locations (the total number of items being printed).
We currently offer up to 4 colors  of printing with a minimum order of 2 dozen pieces.
If you are printing light colors onto dark garments, a white underbase screen must be added to for print. This means that up to 3 colors can be printed onto dark colored garments.


Feel free to send us your designs or have your design created by one of our design team members.
Our team is available to assist in your design as well as to provide a fast, accurate quote for your order.
Each order is reviewed by our design team before it goes to print to ensure the highest quality of service for our customers.

Please contact us in order to get a quote or more information.



What is Digital heat press images?



The digital heat press process allows photographic images to be transferred to many different  types of garments. This process allows customers to use a large varity of images and colors. We take hightquality images (300 D.P.I), and print them onto a heat transferrable paper. Once printed out, the image is aligned and pressed onto the garment.  The maximum image size allowed is 13x17".  All images must be 300 D.P.I. to insure print quality.  We do not accept low quality images, as they will not provide a  quality  print. All images must be approved by our design team prior to being sent for print.


Digital transfers requires no screens or set up fees. This process is usually used for garments that require photography or numerous colors. The transfer paper that is used for light colored garment will have a much softer feel to the versus dark colored garments. This is because the tranfer paper needed to print on dark garments need to be thicker in order to prevent the garment color from showing in the transfer.

There is no order limit to Heat transfers. The cost of the project will be determined by the  number of  transfers used on each garment and whether the garment is dark or light.


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Screen Life Printing, Screen Printing, T Shirt Printing, Custom Printed T Shirts, West Palm Beach Screen Printing, Screen Life, SL Screen Printing